37 of Donald Trump's Most Vocal Critics and Supporters

John Oliver took Donald Trump to task on "Last Week Tonight" Sunday, comparing the President's speeches to that of a "psychopathic toddler."

But that was just one of many Trump digs throughout HBO late-night show.

Here are the three funniest moments from the broadcast.

Psychopathic Toddler

While tackling Trump's proposed budget, Oliver addressed Office of Budget Management director Mick Mulvaney's "CBS This Morning" interview in which Mulvaney simplified the budget for Americans. "We took those words, those policies, and turned them into numbers," Mulvaney said.

"Yeah, basically Mulvaney treated Trump's past statements the way Trump treats women," Oliver said. "Randomly singling out a few of them, and then reducing them down to numbers."

Mocking the President's speeches to try and make sense out of them, Oliver apologized and said, "I don't speak fluent toddler psychopath."

Drunk Masturbator

Rehashing the President's meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, Oliver opined that Trump should have made the Chancellor more comfortable during their awkward meeting, especially after seemingly refusing to shake Merkel's hand.

"It is not often you can really say Trump genuinely should have touched that woman," Oliver said. "Look at him -- he's just staring straight ahead, refusing to make eye contact. He's treating the chancellor of Germany like a drunk guy masturbating in a subway car."

Dancing Zebras? Yes.

In a nearly 24-minute video, Oliver showcased his very own dancing zebra in order to help improve the week's news.

Oliver explained the long-standing occurrence of traffic accidents in La Paz, Bolivia, and suggested that the city's policy of dancing zebras who hop on the scene to encourage safe driving at intersections is good medicine for America.

"It may look like fun to people -- this is a real job with strict rules," Oliver said.

Oliver added that the zebras could very well play in American media and politics, thus the zebra dancing in front of a green screen in the above video, which he encouraged his viewers to share with the hashtag, #JustAddZebras.

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