Trevor Noah thinks Donald Trump's executive order to cancel President Obama's clean power plan not only indicates Trump's desire to destroy America, but the whole damn planet.

"What the hell is Donald Trump doing?" the "Daily Show" host said Tuesday. "Just when we'd begun to accept that he's going to destroy America, now he's going to destroy the whole planet?"

Noah had a couple ideas of why Trump is being so tough on Mother Nature.

"He must really hate being president, if he's willing to speed up the end of the world to get over with it," Noah said.

Before that he joked, "You know why I think Donald Trump hates the environment? Because he looks up at Mother Nature and he's like (pointing to his face), 'You did this to me!'"

Noah closed the segment with one final plea to President Trump, asking him to please consider how his own family may be affected by the roll back on environmental protections.

"Donald Trump, please, think about what's going to happen if you destroy the environment," Noah said. "For one, where is Don Jr. going to sit awkwardly?"

That joke was a reference to the oh-so-awkward tree stump photo shoot his son was mocked mercilessly for on social media.

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