Donald Trump was elected, in part, because of his campaign promises to refuel the coal industry, while Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton was set on investing in clean energy, but Trevor Noah explained the sad reality: Trump used coal miners as "political pawns."

"If Trump was genuinely trying to keep hardworking Americans employed, I would understand that. He made the promise but it seems like he's just using these coal miners as political pawns," the "Daily Show" host said Wednesday night, a day after blasting the POTUS for destroying the environment. "And the only reason I say that is because everyone seems to agree that coal jobs won't ever come back."

Noah then played his Comedy Central audience a series of cable news clips featuring commentators backing up that claim, including even a statement from a coal company boss who said that Trump "can't bring mining jobs back."

"I never thought I'd say this, but we should listen to the coal mining boss," Noah said. "Deregulation isn't going to help. Energy production has moved. Coal jobs are like those dads who went out to get cigarettes, they're not coming back."

Noah called it "infuriating" that Trump is ignoring all of the jobs available for Americans in clean energy and focusing on the few that remain in the coal industry. According to an MSNBC report, there are only 70,000 jobs in coal compared to 650,000 jobs in clean energy, including wind, solar and biofuels. Coal has also dropped to just 16 percent of energy consumption in the U.S., third place behind oil and natural gas.

“If Donald Trump was really trying to make America great again, it would be all innovation and progress, because moving the world forward is what America has always been about,” Noah said. “Think about it: America went from candles to the light bulb, right? America went from covered wagons to airplanes. Unemployed girls to Instagram models. The point is, progress, and now you want to go back to coal?”

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