See Why a Cute Video of Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Eating Nutella Sparked Mom Backlash
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Not even a video of a kid eating Nutella is safe from mommy shaming.

Kelly Clarkson shared a clip showing the singer feeding her two-year-old daughter River Rose Nutella on toast on Saturday. "River's first Nutella experience," she captioned it wrote on Instagram. "It should have been via crepe but toast was easier #nutellagoodness #australiagoodness."

In the video, Clarkson asks her daughter if she likes Nutella, as River says "Yeah" and dances to show her happiness over the chocolate hazelnut spread.

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While the majority of fans thought the video was adorable -- and viewed over 2 million times -- some commenters, however, were less than pleased.

One wrote, "Make your own @kellyclarkson Nutella is PACKED with sugars don't make your kids blow up too."

One even called Nutella a cancer-causing substance. "Yep. Start them out with cancer at an early age," while a commenter responded and said, "i'm sure it won't kill her. EVERYTHING is cancerous."

"Exploiting your children... how f--king sad," one wrote while another warned Clarkson against giving her child the product. "As a mom let me give you an advice, please dont give that to your boy, chek out the ingredientes!! Kisses," the user wrote, while adding that Nutella is "poison."

"I really don't want to be the Debbie downer...but here goes," another commenter wrote. "I suffered from a tumor 2 years ago..changed my life..looked into what my sweet Nutella had to offer me....and I haven't eaten it since."

Clarkson has yet to respond to the criticism.

See the original video below.

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