Between the damage to his face and discomfort to his wife's you'd think Justin Theroux would be so over his HBO show "The Leftovers" by now, but the actor clearly takes the hazards of the job in stride.

Theroux down with Ellen DeGeneres on Monday to talk about the final season of his show, Jennifer Aniston's birthday in Mexico and how she only digs his show-required beard "up to a point."

"She likes it up to a point," Theroux said. "She'll like it for about a month and then she's like, 'OK, you have to get rid of it.' And I'm like, 'No, I actually have to keep the beard now for the whole show; I can't just shave it off.' The first season I had to have stubble for the entire season, and that was torture for her."

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Theroux's stunts and training for his character have been physically brutal at times, landing him in the emergency room every single season of this series. Alongside a broken finger and snapped tendon, Ellen also shared an image of Theroux's broken nose.

"I was doing a stunt with a guy...I was supposed to run him against an elevator, and he was supposed to move his arm when we hit," he said. "He didn't move his arm and he mashed me in the nose, and then my nose went up—then he dragged the fake gun across my face and it left a big scar."

When asked how he celebrated wife's Jennifer Aniston's 48th birthday, he said: "We went to Cabo San Lucas and sat in the sun. We threw a little party and had a piñata and gave her some gifts, and that was about it. Low-key."

Theroux is also friends with Ellen's wife, Portia De Rossi, who gave the actor some helpful advice before he traveled down to her native country of Australia to film the final season.

"She was helpful, but then I got to Googling Australia, and you realize that everything there will kill you. It's the most lethal country in the planet, because there's spiders and snakes—and they're not just the ordinary, 'Oh, if you just got bit by a snake, you've got to go to the hospital and get the antibody'...You're already dead."

"I survived." he said.

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