Charlize Theron compensated for a lack of childhood Easter memories by accidentally hiring a "dirty" and lazy Easter bunny last year.

The "Fate of the Furious" star told Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night she didn't really celebrate Easter growing up, but when her oldest son showed interest in the holiday, she did what any good mom would do.

"My oldest became obsessed with wanting to have Easter parties," she said. "So last year, he really begged, and I threw him an Easter party. And I called a bunny and everything."

Theron said she found the bunny online because "you can get anything online."

But the South African actress said she "got a bad bunny."

"First of all, the bunny outfit was dirty. I wasn't going for the National Geographic kind. I wanted the nice, fluffy, white bunny."

Theron said she has video footage of her being a "psycho mom," attempting to encourage the bunny to take her kids on an Easter egg hunt.

"It's the worst video ever," she said. "The bunny was just lounging on my furniture in his dirty bunny suit."

In the spirit of the holiday, the two also tasted three mystery-flavored Peeps. Unfortunately, Theron got all three went wrong.

Here's to hoping her Easter holiday is less traumatic than last year's.

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