Ashley Graham's Memoir Reveals That She Was Molested at 10 Years Old
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Ashley Graham's upcoming memoir, "A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like," detailed an incident when she was molested by a friend of her family when was just 10 years old.

"I was scared and quickly ran away," Graham wrote about an encounter that she had with the 18-year-old son of her parents' friends, detailing that she was forced to touch his erection while drying off after swimming. "Did I do something to make that happen?" she asked.

About the interaction, Graham said it left her "with so many lingering questions."

When she was 12, Graham wrote that two male models, five years her senior, encouraged her to join them in a jacuzzi and called her a "blow job with handles," referencing her pigtails.

Though the attention was negative, Graham said that she welcomed it. "It didn't matter how inappropriate, unsolicited, or confusing it was, any male attention was good attention as far as I was concerned," and admitted that her discretion was lowered because she lacked fatherly love in her family home.

About the estranged relationship with her dad, who she called a "dark presence," Graham said, "His insults, though, hurt way more than any of his slaps, and my father was a master of the cutting insult. His nickname for me was 'Duh,' because he didn't think I was very smart." She also said that he would often sneer at her to lose weight if she wanted to get more modeling gigs.

Graham also detailed that she was living a life of recklessness, using drugs, alcohol and sex appeal to win men over, but she "hit bottom" after nearly being fired from her modeling agency after a night-long partying bender that forced her to miss a flight.

Graham's book, which also details her adult sexual exploits and abuse she suffered at the hands of a former partner, will be released May 9.

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