President Donald Trump hosted the White House's 139th Easter Egg Roll Monday, but his speech left Trevor Noah convinced the POTUS has "no idea what Easter is actually about."

"We will be stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before," the President said while someone in a less-than-adorable bunny costume stood beside him. "We’re right on track. You see what’s happening, and we are right on track."

Noah, in his best Trump voice, said, "'Easter is such a holy day. People, I’m here with Rabbit Jesus. It’s so holy, folks, you wouldn’t believe it. So holy. So big.'"

"The Daily Show" host was less than impressed with Trump's speech, but he did give Steve Bannon kudos for adjusting well to his removal from the National Security Council's principals committee.

"I think my favorite moment of The House Easter celebration was when they played the national anthem for the First Family, and watch Melania Trump remind Donald that he's the president," Noah said while playing a clip of the First Lady nudging her husband's arm to remind him to put his hand "where the human heart is supposed to be."

Even Kellyanne Conway made a "miraculous resurrection" in a short interview about Trump's reaction to the North Korean missile launched Sunday, but it was difficult to hear the president's counselor over the "Looney Tunes" music playing in the background.

"The world is probably going to end with Sean Spicer coming out and saying, 'Tha- tha- tha- tha- that's all, folks!'" Noah said.

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