Hollywood & Politics: Stars Who Voted

Cable news firebrand Bill O'Reilly has been getting under people's skin for years - so when 21st Century Fox announced on Tuesday that he would not return to his primetime slot on Fox News after a string of sexual harassment claims, the social media reaction was swift and overwhelming.

Left-leaning critics, particularly women, celebrated that the frequently offensive host was receiving the punishment that they felt was long overdue. They also saw it as a victory against the wider conservative movement, which O'Reilly and Fox News were instrumental in creating and is now led by President Donald Trump - who famously has his own sexual harassment allegations and recently declared that O'Reilly had done nothing wrong.

If Trump's "grab them by the pussy" tape couldn't stop his rise to power, his detractors can at least comfort themselves that public shaming still works in some cases.

Here are some of the best reactions so far:

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