Reports Detail Tomi Lahren's 'Queen' Demands: Warming Up Her 'Butt Pad' is 'Absurd'
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After Tomi Lahren was terminated from her role at Glenn Beck's TheBlaze, an exclusive interview posted by The Daily Caller on Tuesday reported that staffers and sources at the company opened the can on Lahren's diva-like behavior.

"She expected to be treated like a queen," one source alleged.

The insider claimed Lahren demanded staffers to heat up her butt warming pad. "To demand they warm your butt pad is absurd," the individual said.

"Even when you wanted to give her a chance, she would go out of her way (to make people mad)," according to another report. "It's like she got a high off of creating a hostile work environment."

Lahren allegedly created a "toxic atmosphere" within TheBlaze.

"She's just not a pro and has ambition above her skill set and attitude," a source said. "She created a toxic atmosphere and was not easy for people to work with."

The insiders claimed to have heard Lahren saying "at least they're talking about me" regularly and didn't appear to care what people said about her as long as she was being talked about.

The 24-year-old was suspended after pro-choice remarks she made during an appearance on "The View" in March. The channel said they were willing to pay Lahren out for the remaining six months on her contract, but she wouldn't be free to work for another employer until October.

She filed a wrongful termination suit against TheBlaze in April, but the network fired back and countersued Lahren on Monday saying, "Tomi was 'inappropriate and unprofessional' and she 'constantly complained about lighting, room temperature, editing, shooting and directing.'"

The suit also alleged that "Lahren would not work with one of two full time make-up artists, which resulted in a report to TheBlaze's human resources department."

Since being removed from her show, Lahren has been relatively quiet on Facebook, but for the first time since Mar. 19, the host shared her "Final Thoughts" on her official page in a video on Tuesday.

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