There was no way that "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" was going to let Bill O'Reilly go off the air without an epic farewell and the show did not disappoint.

"Big news that everyone's talking about -- Serena Williams is expecting a little baby, yo!" Noah said. "And you know what they say -- for every amazing black baby that comes into the world, one old white man has to leave."

After Wednesday's announcement that O'Reilly would not be returning to Fox News following a string of sexual harassment allegations, Noah wondered if the network would change the name of "The O'Reilly Factor" or just find a random Irish guy with the same last name to fill the spot.

"We assume they'll change the name of the show, but we also assumed that Fox would have fired O'Reilly after the third time he was accused of sexual harassment, so you never know," he said.

"They're probably going to pretend nothing is wrong. They'll just be like, 'No news to report here! Everything is fine. Back to you, Megan! I mean Greta! I mean Gretchen! I mean Bill! I mean, who's left?'"

Noah looked back on O'Reilly's career as the biggest figure in the history of cable news, going all the way back to that infamous "f--k it, we'll do it live!" clip from "Inside Edition," showing how the anger and victimhood of Trump voters started on Fox News.

"Some of us watch that clip and we see madness," Noah said. "But in the mid-90s, a man by the name of Roger Ailes watched it and saw greatness. And he reached out and said, 'Come join me at Fox, O'Reilly, and together we will build a cable empire fueled by white Christian resentment! And then, as our master stroke, we will both be forced to leave because we couldn't keep our penises in our white Christian pants! Allegedly!'"

He also played O'Reilly's greatest hits about white privilege, the War on Christmas and his most racist comments about black people, such as saying the slaves who built the White House were "well fed and had good lodgings" or that Columbia University professor Marc Lamont "kind of looked like" a cocaine dealer.

With such a track record of shocking behavior, Noah wondered why it took so long for O'Reilly to lose his job.

"Why did all the advertisers that pulled off his show now stick with the show that long? Were they watching that like, 'You know what, he does look like a cocaine dealer. Buy ReddiWip!'"

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