CNN's Alisyn Camerota opened up about her experiences as a Fox News anchor and the harassment she allegedly experienced during her time there.

"Roger Ailes did sexually harass me," Camerota told host Brian Stelter on Sunday's "Reliable Sources," where she also denied she'd ever been harassed by Bill O'Reilly.

Camerota told Stelter that Ailes was often "grossly inappropriate with things he would say," and would comment on her "body parts."

The former Fox News staffer also detailed an incident when she says Ailes suggested if she wanted a better opportunity within the work place, they'd have to work closer, and insinuated that Ailes wanted to get a hotel room with her.

"I just went home and I didn't tell anybody at the time because I was embarrassed," she said of the incident.

Addressing O'Reilly's departure, Camerota noted that with Ailes and O'Reilly both out of the picture at Fox, it's a critical time for the network.

“I do think the this is a turning point," she said about O'Reilly's departure.

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