Confederate Memorial Day is apparently a thing and Trevor Noah had a few questions for the southern states that celebrate the holiday during Wednesday night's "The Daily Show."

"First of all, the Confederacy fought the Civil War to defend slavery," Noah said. "Why would you honor that? Secondly, what are black people supposed to do on this holiday? If you're a black person in one of these states, what are you supposed to do? You're just sitting around thinking, 'man, this is some bullshit.'"

The reasoning behind the celebration of the holiday by those who take part is based on honoring the history, but Noah said there's nothing to honor here but white supremacy.

"I know that some of today’s southerners genuinely believe that honoring this past does not necessarily honor white supremacy," he said. "But it’s a hard case to make when there are statues that literally celebrate white supremacy."

In some states, those protesting against the celebration have been dealing with death threats for trying to remove confederate statues and flags - but Noah had some suggestions for how to make the holiday less racist.

Noah shared a news clip of a reporter saying people choose to celebrate the holiday because it is a part of history.

"If it's a part of your history, then maybe you should include all of the history. If you want to have the monuments, then you should have to have a slave next to it, for context!"

"Here's another idea to help solve this issue." Noah continued. "Just take all your civil war memorabilia and do what Americans always do with the losing sides merchandise, send it to Africa. African kids already wear Atlanta Falcons Superbowl Champion t-shirts, they'll have no problem with Confederate States of America merchandise."

Noah concluded by saying this idea was a win-win for those who still wish to celebrate the holiday.

"That way, you don't lose. Americans can still celebrate the Confederate Memorial day, you'll just have to go to Africa to do it. And I know what you're thinking, it may be unfair to have to travel to a foreign continent across the Atlantic, against your will."

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