Kandi Burruss is speaking out about the fallout from that explosive "Real Housewives of Atlanta" finale.

In an interview with The Ryan Cameron Morning Show in Atlanta on Monday, Burruss broke down how watching the finale episode back made her feel about the ongoing mess with Phaedra Parks.

All season long, Burruss fought allegations she and husband Todd said they wanted to drug co-star Porsha Williams and take advantage of her. In the reunion, Phaedra confirmed she was the one who relayed the information to Williams.

"She didn't have much to say for herself, she didn't try to defend it," Burruss explained. "She said, 'I wanted to make sure you had the information,' because she knew me and Porsha had a sit down. I'm like, no, you just wanted to make sure she said that on camera. That was just terrible. I felt like she had no remorse. It was like, whatever."

It was that cool demeanor that really had Kandi heated.

"When I saw Phaedra go into the room with Porsha and she’s like, 'What if something would have happened, I would have felt bad,' she was still talking like it was true," Burruss continued. "I just couldn't believe she did that, I was done. Those sorries did not mean nothing. Her face was cold as ice. She had no problem putting those rumors out there."

The interview was done before Parks got the boot from the series, but Burruss made it clear there should be some punishment. "It cannot fly and that's what ... I don't know what their plans are as a network," she said. "That can’t fly, it just cannot."

While Burruss already served Porsha with a cease and desist letter over the situation, Kandi was also asked whether she plans to sue Parks.

"Uh yeah, I have thought about it," she said. "I have to talk to my attorneys and see. The damage has definitely been done. They told me I should sue Porsha at first. When it came out at the reunion that Porsha got the information from Phaedra, I was like, you know what, let's just hold up until you guys get to see the whole thing and I'll get their opinion on how they think I should handle it and go from there."

One thing holding her back: "lawsuits are stressful."

As for the damage that's already "been done," Burruss said, "Even if somebody said they don't necessarily believe it, there's still the stigma of 'Don't put your drink down around her.'"

At the end of the day, Burruss added she understands drama and fighting comes with the reality TV territory, but only to a certain extent.

"I get it, we signed up for this show, but at least let me deal with something that's true. It's hard to defend yourself against a lie," she added. "My whole thing was, we're put in the hot seat daily. What [is Bravo] gonna do about this? Are y'all gonna accept this? Is it OK for people to come on the show and make up lies about cast members?"

Judging by Parks' firing, it looks like the answer is "No."

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