Stephen Colbert was clearly still enjoying his showbiz “victory” over Donald Trump on Friday.

After provoking the president into calling him a “no-talent guy” on national television, Colbert finished out the week by doubling down on his scathing criticism of Trump’s decision to fire FBI director James Comey.

“I think we all need a weekend — except James Comey, his started on Tuesday,” he said.

He touched on recent news reports about demoralization and anger in the FBI following Trump’s controversial decision, and urged the anonymous tipsters in the organization to cheer up.

“You’ve got those storage lockers filled with the cocaine and the bootleg DVDs! Just stay up all night and watch all the ‘Harry Potter’ movies on fast forward.”

Colbert also remarked on how Trump sent his personal bodyguard to deliver Comey’s termination letter, which Comey’s colleagues saw as deeply insulting. “If you ever want to know if you’re the villain in a movie, ask yourself this question: Do I have a private squad of goons who terminate people?”

Responding to one report that the FBI sees Comey’s abrupt firing as a “horse head in the bed” warning, Colbert joked, “This is like ‘The Godfather,’ only in this one, nobody respects the Don.”

He also took a few shots at deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who claimed she’s heard from countless members of the FBI who are grateful to Trump.

Pulling out an old-school calculator, he pretended to add up her logic and then declared, “Yeah, that’s bullshit. That’s not me, that’s math.”

Later in the show, Colbert made a correction about Sean Spicer “hiding in the bushes,” which news outlets later changed to “among the bushes” following angry complaints from the White House.

“Totally different,” he said, using his shrubbery props to demonstrate. “You see how much more reassuring this is? This is perfectly dignified.”

He pointed out that the issue was a handy way to teach children about prepositions before telling the press secretary, "Remember, Sean — they’re not laughing at you, they’re laughing among you.”

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