Donald Trump is both "dangerous" and a "man baby" after sharing ISIS intel with Russia, according to the women of "The View."

With the president confirming this morning that he shared classified information about "airline flight safety" with senior Russian officials, the panel piled on Trump for his actions.

"Russia doesn't have to work so hard to discover anything, we'll just tell them," Sara Haines joked after Whoopi set up the conversation. "They used to have to hack us."

"I don't think that the people who created our government expected to have a blabbermouth in the White House," added Joy Behar.

"His justification of this is we are partners with Russia on the issue of combating ISIS," Jedediah Bila explained. "My concern was do you trust Russia with that information? Russia might be our ally in the issue of combatting terrorism, but they're certainly not our ally in other areas. You don't want them to know how we get our intel and what that looks like, that they can use against us in other regions of the world."

Sunny Haines added that she's "scared to death now," pointing out that she doesn't understand "how you share classified information with the very country your country is investigation for collusion with your administration."

"It puts people's lives in danger," said Whoopi Goldberg. "When you give people information that they would not normally have that you keep close to your vest and suddenly you're telling everybody, it endangers everyone."

"If that country that gave us information is no longer willing to share intelligence with us, every time I put my kid on the planes, he or she is in danger," added a fired up Hostin. "All of us are in danger."

"My feeling is the people working their tails off in these little bitty countries, who are trying to make sure everything is straight, they're not getting paid all that well, our military is not paid all that well," Goldberg continued. "I want to make sure that if military folks are giving us information from other countries, I want to make sure we take care of them."

Behar then theorized Trump spilled the beans because he "wants everyone to love him ... he's a man baby!"

Haines summed up the argument by pointing out how she believes the president is going against his own campaign promises.

"National security was a huge point of issue on this campaign from the wall and other things," she explained. "People that voted for him and supported those things were going for safety, and now you have a man that just compromised an ally that said you share it even within our government, it's a problem."

Here's how Trump defended himself earlier this morning:

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