If you're wondering why a "Step by Step" reunion hasn't happened just yet, apparently Luke Perry's to blame.

On Wednesday's new episode of Pop TV's improvised series "Hollywood Darlings," star Christine Lakin attempts to get the gang back together again for a revival, but first has to mend fences between estranged co-stars Patrick Duffy and Staci Keanan.

It doesn't go well.

Almost immediately, there's tension between the two, as Keanan blames Duffy for totally embarrassing her in front of her "huge crush" back in the day.

"He made me think I had a relationship with Luke Perry," the now-41-year-old explains. "I think we've been having this thing over the phone where we basically fell in love for like a month. I go up to him start making out with him, he had no idea who I was!"

Duffy appears to have no clue what she's talking about though, as Lakin apparently holds the key to the whole predicament.

See if they're able to put their differences aside when "Hollywood Darlings" airs Wednesday at 8pm PT on Pop TV.

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