Trevor Noah thinks President Donald Trump sharing U.S. intel with the Russians is a sure-fire sign that "he's complete bullshit."

"The whole idea of Trump is a lie, even by his own standards. He’s complete bullshit," the "Daily Show" host said Tuesday night while tackling the barrage of Russia-related scandal coming out of the White House on the regular.

“What did Trump preach during the campaign? Protecting America from terrorism at all costs," Noah continued. "And how does America do that? By gathering and acting on very sensitive and confidential information from friends and allies around the world. What’s gonna happen now? America’s going to get shut out because no one can trust the president not to spill their secrets whenever he has his friends come over for a play date."

For those who aren't keeping up with the exhausting saga, Noah broke down Trump's latest wave of bad press.

"So here’s what we know. Last week, President Trump met with Russian diplomats and reportedly told them classified information about an ISIS terror plot," Noah explained. "And we know that that information came from a foreign ally who did not want the U.S. to share it with the Russians because they know you don’t want Russians in your business."

Noah added that because Trump has now threatened the security of our country, it's safe to go ahead as assume that he cannot be held responsible for keeping anything private.

"Trump is basically like the one who didn't know that 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,'" Noah said.

Another important thing to note, Noah said, was it seems as though for the first time since the election, Republicans are beginning to regret voting for Trump, having a sort of "buyer's remorse."

Of course, there were people who took Trump's side on this. Noah called out Fox News -- a cable news network Noah described as "the highest ranking member of the Trump administration" -- for saying those who leaked information about Trump's questionable behavior are more to blame than the POTUS.

"Baby, it's not about me cheating on you, it's that these hoe's ain't loyal!" Noah joked. "Leaks are not the biggest problem here. If there was blood dripping down from the apartment above me, my main concern would not be patching up the ceiling, it would be what the f--k is that creep doing up there in 12B?"

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