Stephen Colbert enjoyed a profound bonding sesh with Brad Pitt on Tuesday night's "Late Show."

During the "Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars" sketch, Colbert and Pitt lied on a blanket staring up at the midnight stars and discussed the universe, afterlife, time travel and Pitt's upcoming Netflix movie "War Machine."

"Hey, Stephen," Pitt said, "if the universe includes all of existence, what existed before the universe?"

"Probably a teaser trailer for the universe with, like, one really good scene that isn't even in the universe when it's released," Colbert responded.

On whether Pitt believes in an afterlife, the actor said, "I'm not sure, but I definitely believe in death after life."

"Steve-a-rino" and "Bradley Trooper" also wondered why humans only remember some dreams, if beauty is really only skin deep and if clothes actually make the man.

As the two men stared up into the sky, Colbert said, "I see an endless void. No answers. No meaning. No way to construct coherence from the swirling chaos."

"You see all that when you look into space?" Pitt asked.

"No, it's just that cloud kinda looks like Sean Spicer," Colbert responded.

"Brad to the Bone" and "We Ain't Leavin' 'til We're Stephen" could hardly keep their faces straight as the comedian shamelessly plugged Pitt's upcoming Netflix movie.

"Would you rather time travel to the past or the future?" Pitt asked.

Colbert responded, "I'd go to the future... I just wanna go to next Friday so I could watch your new movie 'War machine' on Netflix."

Brad Pitt. Tonight. #LSSC.

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