Dwayne Johnson is prepping to host the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" this weekend and the latest promo shows he's ready to carry on the duties.

The clip shows SNL's Beck Bennett trying very hard to carry Johnson on his back through studio 8H, but Johnson decides it might be a little easier if he carries Bennett instead. But it doesn't just stop there, more cast members pile onto the "Baywatch" star leading to one epic piggyback ride.

This will be Johnson's fifth time hosting the show, officially inducting him into "SNL's" Five-Timers Club - the most recent member to join that group was Melissa McCarthy, who hosted the show last weekend.

Johnson shared his excitement for the upcoming hosting gig on Instragram Wednesday saying: “I got you all. I am your safe place. Grab my body parts. I mean, hold on."

The show's Twitter page also shared a behind the scenes clip Tuesday, with Johnson plugging his episode and also noting "the amazing, the sexy, the iconic Katy Perry" will be performing.

"Saturday Night Live" airs at 11:30 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.

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