Bryan Cranston is a man of many talents, but his impression of Kevin Hart might just be his best.

Cranston stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday to promote his latest film, "Wakefield," when Kimmel asked him about a recent project he did with Hart.

After admiring the comedian and movie star for his infectious personality on set, Cranston did a hilarious impression of the actor, retelling the story of when Hart found out that there would be paragliding in their upcoming film.

"He goes, 'No! No!" Cranston said in his Hart voice. "Bryan, Bryan, let me tell ya this, ok? We're all gonna die, I'm just not gonna help!"

Cranston went on to say the film crew tried to get Hart onto a platform in front of a green screen instead of actual paragliding, and even then he was terrified.

"Wakefield," in which Cranston plays a husband who leaves his wife and kids to live in the attic during a nervous breakdown, hits theaters on May 19.

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