Chelsea Handler gave Ivanka Trump some airtime to clap back at critics blasting her new book.

While the host couldn't get the real First Daughter to appear on her Netflix show, comedian Fortune Feimster was more than willing to play dress-up for the latest episode to plug Ivanka's "Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success."

"I'm a woman who actually works so I didn't have time to read the book, but I couldn't put down the reviews," Handler said at the top of the segment. "Here to defend the book is Ivanka Trump."

"Full disclosure, I didn't write it," Feimster's Trump said right off the bat. "Barron wrote it. It was his homework assignment and I was like, 'That's good, I'll take it.'"

She then proudly proclaimed herself a feminist, before urging women to prove they're feminists too by buying her shoes. "Fuck you, Nordstrom!" she then shouted.

When asked how she feels about some of Donald Trump's views towards women, citing the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape, "Ivanka" said her dad loves women.

"He puts them first, he touches them and lets them know they're safe," she added. "He's making women great again!"

"He's a great man and anyone who doesn't think that is sad or a loser," she continued, citing hashtags like "#IFeelSorryForThem" and "MAGA."

She ended the segment "signing" the book by spitting in it.

Handler has been an outspoken critic of Ivanka, calling her a "puppet" and celebrating Nordstrom dropping her line by going on a shopping spree. When asked what her "beef" with Trump's daughter was in a recent interview on "Conan," she said "that she's in that family. That she hasn't divorced herself publicly from her father."

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