Trevor Noah ripped into Fox News for its tone deaf coverage of Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey after new allegations emerged that POTUS asked Comey to end the investigation into former security advisor Michael Flynn's ties to Russia.

“Last night I realized why Donald Trump loves Fox News so much: They’re basically his Snapchat filter,” Noah said. “Because whatever the reality is, they’ll always make him look better than he is. And just like a Snap, we’re all hoping he disappears soon.”

During Wednesday night's "Daily Show" takedown, the comedian took aim at Karl Rove, Martha MacCallum and Steve Doocy for attacking former President Barack Obama instead of addressing the current situation.

"Last night, watching how Fox News reporting on the news of Trump asking Comey to drop the case against Flynn, it was just..." Noah said while pretending to vomit.

"Why examine what the current president is doing wrong when you can just keep talking shit about Obama?"

If Comey's allegations prove true, Trump could be found guilty of obstruction of justice which is an impeachable offense.

Noah explained that the process of removing a president from office begins with impeachment, a word he slammed some news outlets for replacing with the juvenile "I-word."

These same outlets also begged the question: "Is there anyone that's watching this that can believe what James Comey is saying about any of these matters?"

"Yeah, a whole bunch of us, yeah," the comedian said. "Because there were only two people in that room. Two people. One of them took notes, the other one is the world's most famous liar. Like, forget about lying about what happens in private conversations. Trump lies about things we can see: the size of his crowds, the margin of his victory, the real color of his skin."

Noah also slammed Jesse Watters from "The Five" for dismissing the scandal, saying Watters' isn't happy unless the "movie pitch" is chock-full of money, dead bodies or sex.

"Clearly, in Jesse Watters' mind, if he can't jerk off to it, then it's not news."

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