Nicki Minaj made the usually poised Ellen DeGeneres visibly uncomfortable Monday when the hip-hop star tried to explain her song "Come on a Cone."

"The name of the song, I can't say the name of the song because it's a daytime show," DeGeneres said of the track in the interview (above).

"No, it's not [bad]. It's spelled c-o-m-e. It's not a curse," Minaj said.

Minaj attempted to explain the meaning behind the song: "It's like... Grow a big, huge cone, and then let it..."

"Stop, stop, stop, stop," DeGeneres said while cutting her off.

"Come on a Cone" is the second song in which Minaj has referenced DeGeneres -- her friend and "obsession" -- after first namedropping the daytime talk queen in "No Frauds," which led DeGeneres to believe she's now in the "rap game."

"Should I have a beef with someone?" DeGeneres asked her guest. "What should I do to get really entrenched into the rap game?"

Minaj suggested making an enemy out of Oprah Winfrey.

"You and Oprah are two amazing women, so what if you started getting jealous of her or something? And then you throw a jab and she throws one back, and then it's like so much fun, and you make a rap," she said.

DeGeneres was down: "Somebody bring me my phone -- I'm gonna text her that we're in a feud."

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