Twitter Erupts With Jokes and Memes of Donald Trump's Meeting With Pope Francis
More Must-See Photos from the President's Visit

President Donald Trump's overseas trip rolled on to the Vatican on Wednesday where he met Pope Francis for the first time. Both leaders, who have contrasting views on important issues such as healthcare, education and assistance to immigrants sat down to discuss international affairs in a fairly public meeting.

And Trump seemed more than honored to participate in the occasion.

But unlike Trump, Twitter users thought Pope Francis seemed to want to get the meeting over with as soon as possible – so quick in fact, the very important meeting only lasted for 20 minutes. The Pope also shared some salty zingers about the President, asking his wife **Melania Trump**, what she feeds her husband, telling the media present that someone who wants to build a wall is not Christian and personally giving Trump a book about the reality of the environment and climate change. Twitter later got ahold of the photograph taken of Pope Francis with America’s newest leader and couldn’t help but laugh at the striking contrasts of the two leaders happiness and outfit choices. Here are the reactions: View Photos 31 Times Donald Trump's Facial Expression Made Us LOL

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