“The Simpsons” is back with another brutal takedown of President Trump, and it looks like things are deteriorating rapidly.

Where the previous parody of Trump’s 100th day in office began with Press Secretary Sean Spicer hanging himself, Day 125 sees Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway and Reince Preibus taking the same way out.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence sneakily erases “Vice” from the “Vice President Pence” nameplate on his desk, while President Trump tries one more time to patch things up with ex-FBI director James Comey.

“Look, I want a do-over,” Trump says. “I have no tapes. Let’s make a deal: you hand over all your notes, and I’ll erase the tapes — I MEAN THERE ARE NO TAPES! No tapes!”

Their conversation is interrupted by the ghost of Richard Nixon, who is delighted to now be moving up in the ranks to the 44th best president, thanks to Trump. “I just have one piece of advice: if you have tapes, burn ‘em!”

Trump says he hasn’t touched Melania in three months and asks Comey for a hug and some advice. “I dunno,” Comey replies, “start hanging out with people who are more honest than you?”

“Great idea!” Trump declares. “Get over here, Dick!”

This video was “paid for by the Committee to Turn The Clock Ahead to 2020, or Back to Whenever, Just Not Here.”

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