Trevor Noah's not about to let the Trump administration distract him from "Comey Week."

This Thursday, the Senate Intel Committee will ask former FBI director James Comey to testify publicly about investigations on Donald Trump's presidential campaign and possible ties with Russia.

And while all eyes will be on the hearings, Noah pointed out what he sees as the administration's push to recognize this week as "Infrastructure Week," which the political comedian compared to Discovery Channel hyping up the hypothetical "Barnacle Week" during its highly anticipated "Shark Week."

"I feel so bad for Trump," Noah said on "The Daily Show" Tuesday. "They're trying to distract from the most exciting political story, but they're doing it with the most boring topic of all."

Noah also went in on the extravagant ceremony Trump held earlier this week to sign a document outlining his proposal to privatize the country's air traffic control system, something the host also called underwhelming.

"He just wrote a to-do list, then signed it? He really is a TV president," Noah said. "And I don't know if you've noticed, but this is a recurring theme that is one of the weirdest parts of Trump's presidency. He loves the performance of doing things, but a lot of the time, nothing's actually being done. Essentially, Donald Trump wants to be president, but he doesn’t want to do president."

"Donald Trump is like a creepy boyfriend touching his girlfriend's belly, going, 'Yeah we are expecting a boy,' and his girlfriend is like, 'We have never even had sex,'" he joked.

"Hate him or love him, you've got to admit that Donald Trump looks really cute when he signs things at that tiny, portable desk," Noah continued. "It actually looks like one of those highchairs they give kids at restaurants, you know? Like I'm just waiting for him to flip over the page and do The Little Mermaid maze on the back."

At the end of his monologue, Noah said it was "time we take action and crack down one these phony claims," pulling out a "tiny desk" of his own to sign his own proposal for "No more lies!" from Trump.

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