The afterlife is only fun for a little while in the first trailer for "Flatliners," a remake of a '90s horror movie of the same name.

The preview (above) shows Ellen Page ("Juno") leading a new group of a medical students - played by Nina Dobrev, Diego Luna, Kiersey Clemons and James Norton - experimenting with the line between life and death. At first their lives seem to benefit from stopping their hearts, or flatlining, for a few minutes to consciously explore what happens after death, but then things get freaky when they get a little too brave.

"Something is happening to us. I think I'm going crazy," Page's character says in a voiceover while flashing between reality and a ghostly world.

"I did not know that the side effects would show up and start hunting us down," another character says.

The original "Flatliners," which hit theaters in 1990, was directed by Joel Schumacher and starred major rising talent of the decade, including Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt and William Baldwin.

Sony will release the remake in theaters on Sept. 29 this year.

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