The One Interesting Thing From Tomi Lahren's Marie Claire Q&A
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Tomi Lahren was interviewed by Marie Claire to basically repeat everything she's already said a hundred times before, but there was one interesting thing we learned from the feature.

The conservative ex-host turned communications strategist told Marie Claire in an interview released Friday that when she found out she was suspended from The Blaze, she was home getting ready for work with just one eyebrow drawn on.

"I got back to Dallas from New York really late on Sunday night, and I sat in my kitchen and wrote my show for the next day. My whole show was written around it—I really wanted to explain myself, but I wasn't given the opportunity. I got a call on Monday as I was getting ready. I had one eyebrow drawn on, and I get the call saying, 'You're suspended for your comments on The View.' My heart sank down to my seat—I couldn't believe what was happening; it was surreal. And I was thinking, What now? I had heard all morning on the radio other employees at The Blaze bashing me, so I knew I was walking into an interesting situation at work, but I never thought they'd pull my show."

The host was fired from The Blaze back in March for her pro-choice remarks on "The View." Blaze Founder Glenn Beck hit the host with a 6-month suspension, later firing her from the news channel altogether.

After back-and-fourth lawsuits between Lahren and Beck, the duo reached a settlement that released Lahren from her contract. Since then, the host has been using her personal Facebook page where she continues to rant about the liberal agenda while sharing her strong support for President Donald Trump.

"My message to women is: It's okay not to toe the party line on every issue," she tells the magazine. "You don't have to be a puppet or a mouthpiece for your party on every issue. You can be an independent thinker, you can take it issue by issue, and that's okay. You shouldn't be told, 'You can't sit with us.'"

Lahren added that though her firing came as a surprise, she believed that being freed from her Blaze contact is a "huge victory."

"It's a huge victory for me to be able to walk away as a free agent, with my Facebook page that I worked so hard to build. We are walking away amicably, and that's what's best for both parties. I'm not getting rich over this—this was never about money—this is about my freedom."

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