Trevor Noah criticized Republican's Senate health care bill and the minority of Americans who support it.

"The Daily Show" host joked Thursday that the bill, which was drafted behind closed doors by 13 white conservative men, is "an odious festering Christmas package it turns out no one wants."

"You see, the House bill was like a rapper. It was gonna screw people hard and fast," Noah said on "The Daily Show" Thursday. "The Senate bill is like Barry White. It’s gonna go slower, but so much deeper, baby!"

The comedian said that the bill is already unpopular among the majority of Americans, because it would make deep cuts to Medicaid, let insurance companies alter their current plans and plan costs, and cut taxes for the wealthy.

"Republicans went into a room saying, 'Let’s fix health care,' and then they came out like, 'All right, so we’ve cut Americans' health care so that we can give people tax cuts. Yeah! That was the point of this, right?' No, it’s not the point," Noah said. "That’s like a fireman running into a burning building and saving the fire instead of the baby."

Noah said the only Americans supporting the bill are those Donald Trump supporters who are so loyal to POTUS, they believe everything he says.

Noah played a clip from a Trump rally in Iowa, where his die-hard followers cheered him on even while he made zero sense at all. "You know what was really impressive to see last night?" Noah said. "Was how Trump supporters are so on board with their dude, he can say anything and they’ll come along for the ride."

The comedian pointed out that the crowd went wild as Trump proposed the idea of using a solar wall at the Southern border of Mexico so it would create energy and "pay for itself" to save Mexico a "ton of money."

"What are they cheering for?” Noah asked. “This is the guy who spent the entire campaign revving up crowds by dissing Mexico and praising the nutritional benefits of coal, and now he’s flipping? It feels like Trump crowds’ only consistent belief is if Trump said it, it’s good."

Trump also said during the speech, which Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn were attending, that he loved "all people, rich or poor, but in those particular positions, I just don’t want a poor person. Does that make sense?"

Not to Noah.

"Who is this guy? Like, what world is this?" Noah asked in dismay. "Donald Trump just said we need bankers to run this country, and everyone applauded. Right now I’m just thinking, 'Poor Hillary Clinton.' Bankers ... Goldman Sachs bankers? That’s what everyone went after her for, and now [with] Trump they’re like, 'Yayyyy!' I just imagine at this point every object in Hillary’s house is bent in rage. Everything."

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