John Oliver issued a very personal PSA to anti-vaxxers on "Last Week Tonight" Sunday.

The HBO star took aim at the rise of parents in the U.S. that have chosen not to vaccinate their children, based on the very little and often misleading information they have from the government.

"Despite their success, small groups are both skeptical and vocal about vaccines—which is nothing new," Oliver said. "But these days their voice has been amplified by the human megaphone that is the president of the United States."

Oliver noted that during his campaign, Donald Trump said he was skeptical about vaccines, concluding that children get too many shots all at once, and that spreading them out over a period of time is a better way to vaccinate.

The late-night host went on to say that the main cause for this is usually led by parents who choose to research the negative effects of vaccinations on their own, often landing them to a mass of information that is either wrong or over exaggerated.

"The problem is that it’s the middle ground between sense and nonsense," Oliver said. "It’s like saying, 'It would be crazy to eat that entire bar of soap, so I’ll just eat half of it.'"

After addressing some of the anti-vaccination arguments from a string of recognizable names -- Alex Jones, Rob Schneider and Robert F. Kennedy Jr -- Oliver concluded on a more personal note.

“I’m someone who is scared of literally everything: the dark, the light, heights, depths, confined spaces, wide-open spaces, strangers, intimacy, spiders, and a sudden and mysterious lack of spiders. But, for what it’s worth, and if this helps at all, I have a son. He is 19 months old. He was born prematurely following a very difficult pregnancy, and I’ve worried about his health and I’m still worried about his health a lot, but we are vaccinating him fully on schedule. And if I can overcome the temptation to listen to the irrational shouting of my terrified lizard brain, then I believe that everyone can.”

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