Ivanka Trump Sat in for Dad at G20 Meeting and Twitter Is Not Having It
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Ivanka Trump sat in place of her father at a G-20 Summit meeting with world leaders on Saturday, and social media is unloading on her for it.

Donald Trump's daughter is being slammed for taking her dad's place in the meeting. Ivanka, who has a White House job as her one of her father's key advisors, was apparently told to take his place in the meeting while he briefly exited the room.

A Russian official tweeted (and then deleted) a photograph of Ivanka Trump sitting in between British Prime Minister Theresa May and Chinese President Xi Jinping. The move was heavily criticized, as a BBC correspondent noted that when a President isn't available to take his seat in meeting for whatever reason, it is usually filled by a high-ranking member of his office.

Here's a sample of the reaction from enraged social media users:

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