Though Donald Trump's administration has seemingly found an excuse for each of their alleged meetings with Russian operatives during the 2016 presidential election, Trevor Noah thinks the latest statement in defense of Donald Trump Jr. is just plain "batsh-t crazy."

"It is insane! That is batsh-t crazy," Noah said on "The Daily Show" Monday night. "Donald Jr.'s defense is that he tried to collude? But instead he got Russian catfished?!"

The host was addressing the Sunday report from The New York Times about Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 election, initiated to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton. He defended the meeting by saying, "No details or supporting information was provided or even offered. It quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information."

"Baby, baby, baby, you don’t understand,” Noah continued, imitating Trump Jr. "I only met with that other woman because I thought she wanted to f-ck."

"I don’t care if you believe that Russia colluded or not with the Trumps," Noah said. "You have to admit that the Trump team’s excuses make them sound dumber and dumber at every turn."

Noah then noted that Trump Jr. said all he knew was that he would be having a meeting, but was unaware of who would actually be there.

"Listen, man, this is honestly stupid. It's incompetent, and it's dumb. The saddest part is that for the Trump team, the headlines today could be about American's role in driving ISIS out or it could be about the Syrian ceasefire, but once again, we're reminded that in a world full of Trump enemies, the worst enemy is themselves."

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