Katy Perry Accused of 'Begging' Drag Queens to Work for Free in Music Video: 'We All Said NOPE' (UPDATED)
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Update 7/14/17, 6:50 a.m.:

Looks like Katy Perry is paying drag queens to perform in her latest music video, after all.

Vicky Vox, the drag queen that said otherwise, updated her story on Twitter on Thursday to clarify that after venting about being approached to perform for free, she found out Perry's team "had money for the girls."


Katy Perry allegedly asked drag queens to do a two-day music video shoot for no pay, and one is spilling all the beans on Twitter.

Drag queen Vicky Vox claimed Tuesday in a series of tweets that "a pop star" was "begging drag queens to do a music video for two days with no pay."

Then she just cut to the chase and called Perry out by name.

"Yo, [Katy Perry] .. just so it's clear. I had love for you. Your team f-cked up," Vox wrote after calling the singer out for trying to "use" drag queens for her gain. "Do you think we just like to prance around for sugarplum dreams? B-tch, THIS IS F-CKING WORK."

"You f-cking wit queer b-tches now," Vox warned.

The drag queen, who appeared in "Magic Mike XXL," is putting the blame on Perry's team, saying they "f-cked up." She also posted a meme that read: "Asking a musician to play 'for exposure' is like asking a prostitute to turn a trick for practice."

"This will probably bite me in the ass later but god did not promise that I would wake up tomorrow," she wrote. "I'm gonna live for today."

Perry's representative has not yet responded to TooFab's request for comment.

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