While Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were busy settling their dispute in court this week, TooFab was busy asking stars celebrating the ESPYS what side they're on: #TeamRob or #TeamChyna?

For those who need to be caught up, Kardashian went on an Instagram rampage last Wednesday, putting Chyna’s nudes on blast as he also made numerous allegations claiming his baby mama uses drugs and cheated on him with a rapper named Ferrari -- in the very same bed they conceived their child Dream in.

Most reality stars, athletes and television personalities we talked to while attending the 2017 Playmakers ESPYS Pre-Party were #TeamRob, while others were weary of commitment.

“Team Rob all day,” sports reporter Lindsay McCormick said. “I feel bad for the guy like you wanted this relationship to work out because it seemed like maybe his life wasn't going so well and then all of the sudden this relationship and the new baby made him happy and now all of the sudden it's back in the dumps for Rob.”

Fellow ESPN reporter Julie Stewart-Binks agreed.

“Is it bad to say I’m on team Rob Kardashian? I don’t know. In sports we never pick teams so I will watch. I always cheer for a good game and interesting things to happen, but I don’t pick sides.”

Others weren’t so sure, because they can see where each party is coming from.

“I would say not Blac Chyna because I’m pretty sure she has some tactics, but not Rob for the way he like aired her out either so it’s hard for me to pick a side with that one,” Rachel Lindsay’s season Fred Johnson, a "Bachelorette" contestant, said.

“I’m neutral. I’m no team. I’m in the middle cause I don’t know, I don’t really know what went on, I just see photos and I’m neutral in that situation. I think that’s something they gotta figure out man,” Bachelorette contestant Eric Bigger said. “At the end of the day everybody just wanna be happy so they gotta figure that out and hopefully they will and hopefully they do. They got a kid together so at the end of the day, that’s what its about.”

“Glow” star Lorilyn Palmer stayed loyal to her homegirl on the sidelines when she had to choose a team.

Khloe,” she said. “She’s just chill. She’s just doing her life, doing her. She doesn’t care. Best for her brother, best for Chyna, just doin’ her.”

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