Trevor Noah dismantled Fox News' "dumb as f-ck" coverage of Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia email scandal on Wednesday night.

"Most people agree that it’s collusion, or at the very least that it’s very shady," the "Daily Show" host said. "But most people don’t work at Fox News, the billion-dollar fear and sexual harassment factory whose entire reason for being seems to be defending the Trump administration."

Noah described Fox News defense of Trump Jr. as "the moment they’ve all been training for."

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is 'The Doncathlon,'" he joked.

First up on the roster was Sean Hannity, who hosted Trump Jr. on his show the same day that he released his email exchange with a Russian probe on Twitter. Noah played a clip from the Hannity's interview, wherein Hannity presented the idea that the meeting was set up by "Democratic operatives" as a trap, saying, "you won't catch this on the other news channels."

"Yeah, you’re right,” Noah said. “You won’t. Because it’s dumb as f-ck."

"Really? The Democrats set up this meeting?" Noah said. "Tricked Don Jr. into colluding with the Russians and then never used it? That was the plan?"

But the winner of the "Doncathalon", according to Noah, was none other than Trump Jr. himself. Or as he put it, "The slick-haired man-sperm of Donald J. Trump."

Noah flipped to a clip of Trump Jr. telling Hannity that the meeting should be disregarded as it took place before America seemed to have "Russia fever."

"'Yeah, no one was talking about collusion before we did it!'" Noah said. "That's kind of how that works. First you do the thing and then the people start to talk about it."

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