Trevor Noah is still surprised by the things that come out of Donald Trump's mouth, even 174 days into his ridiculous presidency.

On Thursday, POTUS visited Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte in France, where he greeted the couple telling Macron that that his wife was "in great shape" and followed up by calling her "beautiful."

"Donald J. Trump does not give a f-ck," Noah concluded on "The Daily Show."

"In front of his own wife he's like, 'Damn girl, you wan't some of this baguette?'" Noah joked.

"I spent the entire afternoon trying to figure out how in that moment Macron didn't punch Trump right there," the host continued. "Then I realized something, whenever Trump is overseas, the one advantage he has is people aren't hearing him in his native tongue."

Noah explained that perhaps the translator's that travel with Trump on his international trips are softening his comments to some of the foreign leaders that he meets.

"Maybe today when Trump said, 'You're in great shape,' the translator said, 'He says you look well.' Right? That could happen," Noah said. "Where if I was the translator I would've been like, 'Yo, my dude wants to smash,' which is more accurate. It's way more accurate."

To prove that translating for Trump is quite the task, Noah enlisted the help of his "Daily Show" correspondent Desi Lydic, who sat down with various Trump translators from Japan, Mexico, Syria, Russia, and the U.S. for a special segment titled "The Translators."

What did they learn? The translator from Japan said translating Trump was simply "the worst." Mexico's said Trump is "incoherent," while the Syrian translator claimed Trump "changes his mind in the middle of the sentence."

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