We finally have our first look at James Franco in action as notoriously awful actor-director Tommy Wiseau in "The Disaster Artist."

The first trailer (above) shows Franco repeatedly trying to nail a scene as the real-life filmmaker behind so-bad-it's-good cult classic "The Room," but repeatedly failing to deliver a simple line, much to the frustration of the cast and crew.

The upcoming comedy, based a book of the same name, chronicles the production of the 2003 cinematic disaster, which Wiseau made famous by holding midnight screenings across the country.

Franco's real life brother Dave Franco plays Greg Sestero, Wiseau's co-star and friend who co-wrote the novel of the same name that "The Disaster Artist" is based on.

The movie, which Franco is directing, also reunites Franco with frequent comedic collaborator Seth Rogen, and co-stars Alison Brie, Josh Hutcherson, Ari Graynor and Jacki Weaver.

"The Disaster Artist,” which premiered to critical acclaim at the SXSW Film Festival, opens in limited release on Dec. 1, followed by a wide release on Dec. 8.

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