'Twin Peaks' at Comic-Con: Inside the Show's 'Damn Good Panel'
'Twin Peaks' Cast -- Then & Now

The residents of "Twin Peaks" made their way to San Diego on Friday for their first Comic-Con appearance, dubbed a "Damn Good Panel."

And it was.

"Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof hosted the panel, saying he "owed his entire career" to the show.

David Lynch kicked off the presentation with a pre-recorded video, where he showed off "the last golf ball O.J. Simpson hit before going into prison" as the show's infamous music played. Yeah, it was exactly what you'd expect from the quirky director.

While Lynch wasn't in the house, Kyle MacLachlan, Naomi Watts, Matthew Lillard, Everett McGill, James Marshall, Kimmy Robertson, Dana Ashbrook, Tim Roth and Don Murray all appeared.

The conversation started with the cast members revealing how they first got involved in the new Showtime season.

Everett McGill said David Lynch tried to find him online, before the director tracked down the telephone number "of an empty house where I have a couple vintage cars." He just so happened to be there that day.

"I have this yellow rotary phone on the wall. and it rings and I haven't heard it ring in 10 years," he said. "I hadn't spoken to this guy in 20 years, but it was like we picked up the conversation we had the day before." After that call, McGill gave him his real number.

Robertson added she was in bed when she got the call, and by the end of their conversation she had "somehow crawled under the bed because it was just so unexpected.

Watts explained that she and Lynch stayed close after working together on "Mulholland Drive." She added that she and Laura Dern -- who's also on the new Showtimes series -- tried to coax Lynch into a new project with them. After she "dropped some hints," she got a call to come over and read for Lynch.

Watts added that she was not told "Dougie" would be played by MacLachlan, but she did ask .. and Lynch told her nothing.

Lillard still hasn't watched the original show. "Honestly, I have no idea how I got here," he said. "It was intimidating," he added of shooting his highly emotional scenes.

They all talked about what it's like watching the show now, since they were only given scripts of their scenes.

"We're all watching it as it unfolds," MacLachlan said. "I like to watch at home alone, glass of wine and that's all I need."

Watts still hasn't watched yet. "I'm saving it all," she explained. "I'm looking forward to watching big chunks at once."

Ashbrook said, "as an original, it's been so exciting and thrilling for me for Kyle to do stuff I didn't know he could do. Just the fact I get to watch them work, it's awesome. It's just exciting for everyone."

A fan asked what the actors are allowed to bring to the set, where Kyle explained that ad-libbing isn't exactly welcome.

"Jim Belushi decided to was going to ad lib a line," MacLachlan explained. "We heard 'Cut!' and David has a megaphone and says, 'Mr. Belushi, do I have to report you to the principal's office?' and Jim went, 'No sir, got it.'"

Other stray comments from the panel:

  • Kimmy Robertson offered up this hot take on Dougie's limited vocabulary: "What wife wouldn't like that from her husband"

  • MacLachlan said he was very "lucky" when it came to filming Black Lodge scenes, because he didn't have to speak backwards. He also said it feels "very focused and almost like electricity if buzzing around" while filming inside the Black Lodge as well.

  • Kyle also said it's "great" playing the bad guy this season too. When asked what he calls DoppleCooper, Kyle added, "Mr. C, because it was stated in one of the early episodes."

  • When asked why Cooper and Audrey didn't get together in the original series, Kyle had this to say: "The writing went a different way, but she was a high school student, so I think they felt maybe ... I think that had a lot to do with it."

  • Kyle said he had no idea there would be a talking tree in the Black Lodge until he watched the premiere. "Why was I surprised? It was exactly what I imagined," he joked.

  • Lillard was asked to do his Shaggy voice from "Scooby-Do" ... and yes, he did it.

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