The co-hosts on "The View" joined Hollywood in speaking out against Donald Trump's plan to reinstate a ban on transgender people serving in the military. The president's tweets were the first topic of the day on the morning show and none of them were having it.

Whoopi Goldberg got things started by reminding the audience that today is the 69th anniversary of President Truman desegregating the military, adding that Trump's plan is the "same BS that segregated the military" back in the day.

After the women also pointed out that Trump himself has never served himself, Jedediah Bila expressed her outrage over the president's ban.

"My instinct is always to say, I want the person, this is the military, I want the strongest, I want the best. I don't care if that's a woman, a man, a transgender person," she explained. "If you can fit the requirement and you can defend and protect my nation, I'm behind you and I support you 100%."

"I think anyone who's willing to stand up for this country and possibly make the ultimate sacrifice, how dare you say you can't?" asked Sara Haines.

Joy Behar gave a mini-history lesson, pointing out how Alan Turing broke the Nazi code during WWII, but was later jailed for being gay. "How do we know that one of these transgender people is not going to be able to speak Arabic, talk to people in ISIS. You are eliminating possible talent," Behar went on.

"Before the change was made in '48, this is the same exact argument. They said white men would not want to take orders from a black person. It's the same BS," Goldberg added. "None of this, I can't accept, unless you tell me this person, I don't feel this [specific] person can defend me while I'm fighting."

"This is removing things to say you're uncomfortable. People need to get comfortable," Haines said.

"Get over yourselves," Whoopi went on. "Folks have already been serving as the gender they're choosing to be. So basically, it's already been happening. People have been in combat and fighting and going to tours and tours and tours."

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