Trevor Noah thinks there is no need for coffee in the morning when you have Donald Trump tweets to wake you up.

"The Daily Show" host made the comparison while covering Trump's shocking transgender military ban on Wednesday night after the President made the announcement on Twitter earlier in the day.

"That was before 9 a.m.," Noah said. "You know, with Trump as president, you don't even need a morning coffee. A little bit of him wakes you right up, takes you straight into it. And too much makes you shi-t yourself."

Noah went on to dissect each part of the tweets. First he cited reports that Trump didn't actually consult generals like he said he did, and argued Trump's claim that the military "cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs" from transgender individuals makes no sense.

"Just so we're on the same page, transgender-related military expenses for the military cost at most $8 million per year," Noah said. "In contrast, taxpayers will be paying $60 million per year just for Trump to visit his own properties like Mar-a-Lago. And that's before he orders dessert."

"I know some people were surprised by the President's order this morning, but maybe we shouldn't be," he added. "Because even though Trump always claimed he was for the LGBT rights, he never seemed fully comfortable in that identity."

Noah then shared clips of Trump at various rallies, where he repeatedly said he was going to fight to protect the LGBTQ community, but repeatedly butchered the acronym.

"Yeah, Donald Trump said he would protect the LGBTQ citizens, and actually, considering how many wars he's going to start, maybe he just did."

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