With the new series "Swedish Dicks," creator and star Peter Stormare encouraged an environment on set free from the doom and gloom that comes with regular studio fare.

The show follows Stormare and Swedish comedian Johan Glans as a pair of private investigators "solving some of the strangest and wildest cases LA has ever seen." Felisha Cooper and Vivian Bang round out the cast, with guest appearances from Keanu Reeves, Traci Lords, Margaret Cho and Eric Roberts.

Stormare made the show outside of Hollywood, pouring his own money into it while securing getting extra financing from European streaming outlet Viaplay. After airing online last year, it debuts August 9 on Pop TV. When TooFab caught up with the cast ahead of the show's US premiere, they all celebrated the freedom that came with producing the show in Hollywood, without all the Hollywood BS.

"With network, what's on the page is what you read, whereas this is more of a collaboration I believe," Lords explained.

"It's a collaboration all the way until the last take," Storemare added. "That's how good comedy should work, that you can change it and not just hit what the writers have said and they get angry if you change one syllable, rolled in tar and feathers and spanked and you're not in the next episode. It's different because I want the characters to have a life that the viewers are interested in."

Stormare explained that he encouraged script changes on set, because the stars "know more about our characters than any writer. [The writers] come with suggestions and we have to change it to our language."

Since the series revolves around a group of PIs, we had to ask: have any of them ever been on the receiving end of an investigation?

Everyone in the cast immediately pointed to Bang, who reluctantly allowed co-star Cooper to share the dirty details. Watch the video above to see why her ex-boyfriend's mom hired someone to look into her background while they were dating!

"Swedish Dicks" premieres August 9 on Pop TV.

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