"American Horror Story: Cult" star Billy Eichner is "sworn to secrecy" about most of the details surrounding the upcoming season of the FX horror series, but he did promise fans "it's absolutely insane."

The actor stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" Wednesday night to dish on the details he can spill.

"It's inspired by the election. It starts on election night, and then you see the fallout from the election," he confirmed. "I play a guy named Harrison Wilton."

Eichner, best known for his "Billy on the Street" game show and role in "Parks and Recreation," said he got cast in the series' seventh season because he knew the "amazing, visionary" creator, Ryan Murphy.

"I really wanted to work with [Murphy], and he offered me the role. I obviously said yes," Eichner told host Andy Cohen.

A caller then asked the "AHS" star about that time Patti LuPone called Madonna a "movie killer" on "WWHL."

Eichner prefaced his response by saying he's a "die-hard Madonna fan, ride or die, forever" before throwing out a big "however."

"I can quote that entire Patti LuPone speech, and I don't want to be on the record saying those things, but it is the funniest thing I have ever seen," Eichner said before quoting LuPone. "'Madonna is a movie killer!'"

"I mean it is so good. It was brilliant. But I also love Madonna. And how many movies has Patti LuPone done? But don't get me started on that."

The shade!

Cohen then surprised the comedian with a clip from a few years ago when Eichner was the very enthusiastic guest bartender in the Bravo Clubhouse when his idol, Meryl Streep, was a guest on the show.

"Can I tell you a nice story? That was the first time I met Meryl," he said. "Then I ended up meeting her a few times throughout the years, but I just saw her at a Planned Parenthood benefit that she gave a very nice speech at, and I ran into her and I said, 'Meryl!' And we hugged and we talked about 'Billy on the Street,' and as she waked away, she said, 'Stay mad.'"

"Isn't that the best? It's Meryl Streep."

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