Another Netflix Show Bites the Dust
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Netflix continues to clean house, canceling the Naomi Watts psychological thriller "Gypsy."

The show was expected to get a second season and writers, with writers reportedly already working on scripts.

The series is the latest to get the boot from the streaming service, following cancelations of "The Get Down," "Girl Boss," "Longmire," "Lilyhammer," "Marco Polo" and "Hemlock Grove." "Sense 8" won't return for another season, but will get a movie to wrap up the plot.

Netflix's library has expanded rapidly in recent years thanks to a barrage of original series. In fact, by the end of 2017, the company will have released 1 thousand hours of original content. Unfortunately, though, the number of shows producing lackluster viewers has also increased.

There appears to be a shift in strategy lately, as the company is now canceling shows faster and more often.

"Gypsy" generated mixed reviews after its debut on June 30. Following the life of a therapist who began to develop intimate relationships with the people in her patients' lives, critics called the series "impossibly dull." A review for The New York Times said it's "an example of how competence alone doesn't make a series," while THR said the show "only becomes erotic in the last few episodes ... and is a reasonable star vehicle for Naomi Watts and little else."

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