Karina Smirnoff and Chad Johnson try to salvage their relationship in the season finale of "Famously Single," and based on this exclusive video clip obtained by TooFab, things might get weird.

"I asked Karina out again because now that we had our talk, I feel like it's a whole new ballgame," Johnson says. "My goal here is to prove that I'm not like these guys that she used to date."

The dinner seems to be off to a better start than their previous date a few weeks ago when Smirnoff blasted Johnson for being "self absorbed." This time around, they're laughing and playing with their food.

When Smirnoff hands him two chips and asks him to pose like Mickey Mouse for a picture, he says, "You make me do so many stupid things, you do something dumb."

Then the date takes an uncomfortable turn.

"Look at the villain looking like Mickey," Smirnoff says. "Tell me something. What does it mean to you to love someone?"

"I think when it comes to love and relationships, I want someone who wants me, like isn't looking for the next person," Johnson said. "I want my girl to give me everything."

But based on Smirnoff's facial expression, it doesn't seem like she considers his response to be genuine.

"Do you want me to be honest?" she asks him. "Do you promise not to get annoyed with it? You have to promise or I won't tell you."

When Johnson tries to get out of agreeing to that promise, she fires back, "It's not a negotiation."

Watch what happens on the "Famously Single" season finale Sunday on E!.

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