Bill Maher has a suggestion for how to make America great again: Change the Republican Party symbol to a troll.

"That's all they are now, trolls," he said on his HBO show "Real Time" Friday night."People who get off on provoking other people who are trying to have an adult conversation."

Maher's proposal comes from the consistency between the outspoken liberals who keep criticizes the GOP.

"They're the Democrats' crazy ex-girlfriend," he said.

The late-night host believes Donald Trump's tweets are yet another example to support his suggestion of the Republican Party "trolling."

"The tweets are the whole point. Governing is the distraction."

Maher reminded his viewers of Trump's consistent rips at his former opponent, Hillary Clinton even though she has stepped away from the public eye and his out of the blue tweet announcing his ban on Transgender people in the military because they are a "burden."

"You think Trump cares who serves in our military? As long as it's not him, he's good," Maher said. "Ten years ago trolls weren't even a thing or it they were we had a different word for them, sadist. Now they run our country."

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