Vinny Ventiera considered not returning to "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 after allegations of "sexual misconduct" between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson sent the cast packing for 10 days.

"You get out of that element of, 'You're on a TV show'... you're in this whole situation and then you go home and you get used to being home and your whole routine and you relax and you're like, 'Ugh, you know what? I don't really know if I want to go back.'" Ventiera told TooFab Tuesday during our Facebook Live interview.

But they handled it very well. You know they called us, checked in, made sure everything was good because we were getting harassed like the second we were in Houston, it was just phone calls from tabloids like, 'What's going on?' and we were just getting blown up like crazy. It was bad."

"Producers knew it was going to be a crazy situation and you know, they stayed on top of it and they checked in and I think they took such pride in seeing if we were okay that everybody was happy to go back," he added.

As TooFab previously reported, Warner Bros. who produces the ABC dating reality series, did not find any evidence of misconduct. However, before host Chris Harrison could officially welcomed the cast back to Paradise, they needed to have a conversation on what exactly took place and what transpired from it.

"Literally when we got back we sat down and addressed the situation... It was a great time to take that negative situation with Corinne and DeMario and relate it to real life and turn it to a positive thing," he said.

Ventiera said producers encouraged cast members to "talk about it" and share their experiences if they "were ever in a situation like that."

"They said,'You know we're going to have some changes around here. We're going to have a two drink maximum per hour and then we had to have consensual agreement on camera if you want to sleep with someone," Ventiera told TooFab.

As for the couples who already sparked a romance before the break, Ventiera said he felt like it was a good time for cast members to start fresh if they weren't feeling their respective blossoming romances.

Shortly after "Bachelor in Paradise" wrapped shooting, the duo told TooFab they already started working on a pilot reel for a potential reality TV project of their own.

"We're just really trying to show the everyday life of you know, what I've been doing before getting involved in this reality television. You know, my DJ career and how it's changed now since being on a public pedestal, you know the hardships that I've gone through and then me and Daniel's friendship from being on that show and this dramatic whole season of 'Bachelor in Paradise,'" Ventiera said.

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