Who Is Hope Hicks? 5 Things to Know About Trump's New White House Communications Director
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The White House announced Wednesday that Hope Hicks will step in as interim communications director for Donald Trump's Administration.

The 28 year old has worked alongside POTUS since the early days of his election, with a role as spokeswoman for his presidential campaign and later as director of strategic communications.

Hicks was hired back in 2014, after working for Ivanka Trump's fashion label.

Here are five things we learned about Hicks.

1. She Used To Be A Model

When she was just 10 years old, Hicks began her career as a model. Her most notable work was appearing on the cover of "The It Girl" book series, which was a spin-off of the "Gossip Girl" franchise. She has worked in the fashion house of Ralph Lauren, and also appeared in catalogs for Bloomingdales.


2. She Served As a PR Employee and Model For Ivanka Trump

In a 2016 GQ report, Hicks said she first got involved with the Trump family while working at a PR company in New York. She was appointed to work on one of the firm's clients, which just so happened to be Ivanka Trump.

Hicks modeled for some of Trump's fashion pieces online, and was added to the PR team to help share ideas about how the company could expand.

She was then hired to work on Trump's presidential campaign, even though she had zero political experience.

3. She's Not Active on Social Media And Stays Out of the Spotlight

Hicks is not active on any social media platforms: She has only three tweets to her name and no Instagram page. Notably, she always stand behind the camera or somewhere in the background during all of Trump's meeting and press conferences, avoiding any media attention.

Politico reported back in July that "Trump’s 28-year-old communications adviser has earned the president's trust by letting him do just as he pleases when it comes to dealing with the press."

4. She Handles All Trump's Media Requests, Including Managing His Twitter

Hicks is reported to have received close to 250 requests per day to speak with Trump during his campaign, but "she alone decides who gets in and who's kept out."

Hicks is also responsible for watching and helping Trump tweet. Of course, she does let him "do just as he pleases," so it's safe to say there isn't much vetting going on on his Twitter.

5. The Internet Has Already Found Reason To Believe She's Trump's Girlfriend

Aside from the fact that Hicks has the largest salary of any of Trump's aids and has a paid for apartment by POTUS' himself, the internet has been digging up reason to believe that Hicks and Trump are in a romantic relationship.

Though no actual evidence exists, people have said that because the two are always together and she is a true advocate for POTUS, there "must be" something going on outside of a work-only relationship.

It was also reported back in July 2106 that Trump was suing a White House aid for allegedly leaking confidential information to a news reporter that claimed Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and Hicks were engaged in a public screaming match. Some witnesses claimed the argument was work related, while others quipped there was definitely something romantic going on between the two.

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