Fifth Harmony's Awkward Interview Sparks #Camilizers vs. #Harmonizers Twitter Debate
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Team Camilizers and Team Harmonizers blew up Twitter Friday after one reporter slammed Fifth Harmony for awkwardly shutting down an interview because they couldn't get away from questions about Camila Cabello.

The Sun reporter Dan Wootton invited the foursome onto his "Bizarre Life" podcast Wednesday where he insisted on asking them questions about Cabello and her fiery exit from the group, which they completely dodged.

The interview ended abruptly after members of Fifth Harmony told Wootton they wanted to stick to talking about their new music, even saying "can we not?" at one point.

A rep for the band even stepped in and told Wootton that if he isn't going to ask questions about the music, the interview is over.

Wootton detailed the events in a post for The Sun, as well as in a series of tweets where he called the group "divas" and claimed the interview was an actual "nightmare."

Of course, the Camilizers and the Harmonizers caught wind of the interview, and took to Twitter to express themselves - most of whom are upset with Wootton for even asking questions about Cabello, claiming that ship has long sailed away.

Check out a sampling of some of the reaction:

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