Trump Tops 'Covfefe' With 'Heel' Tweet -- And It's Getting Bowling Green Massacred
31 Times Trump's Facial Expressions Made Us LOL

Donald Trump had another bad day on Twitter this weekend when he repeatedly urged the country to "heel" after Boston's streets were flooded with protesters.

Thousands of people turned up counter an alt-right "free speech rally" on Saturday, and as the demonstration winded down, Trump tweeted, "Our great country has been divided for decade, but it will come together again. Sometimes protest is needed in order to heel, and heel we will!"

He meant "heal," of course, but it took him three different tweets to finally spell the one syllable word correctly. Predictably, Twitter pounced on the mistake. Even the Merriam-Webster Dictionary couldn't resist chiming in about his spelling error.

Others thought maybe Trump literally wanted to tell America to fall into line behind him. Perhaps it was just a Freudian slip.

The embarrassing social media gaffe tops Trump's widely mocked "covfefe" tweet this past May, considering he repeated the error in multiple tweets, and also brings to mind another notorious Trump administration blunder: the imaginary Bowling Green Massacre, which Kellyanne Conway used during a TV appearance last February in an attempt to justify Trump's proposed immigration ban.

See all of the funniest reactions to Trump's most recent slip below.

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